Lesbian Crushes-For the over 35 Crowd

In no particular order, here are a few of the crushes back-in-the-day baby dykes and dyke teens had our first crushes on:

1) Peppermint Patty- The Tomboy queen of softball and Birkenstocks, complete with Femmy gal pal Marcy. We all know somewhere today, they are living and loving together with several dogs and cats!


2) Jaime Sommers aka The Bionic Woman-She was smart, sporty and pretty, AND she could rip a phone book in half with bare hands …ooh la la!


3) Family’s Letitia “Buddy” Lawrence-she showed us that girls could be tough/sensitive and skateboard skilled! We either wanted to date her or be her!


4) Scooby Doo’s Velma Dinkley-Cute and overlooked by everyone but baby dykes. Without her keen logic, all the Scooby Doo mysteries, would have remained a mystery!


5) Sabrina Duncan from Charlie’s Angels-Sabrina was kinda like Velma in the flesh, she was as cute as she was bright and equally as sporty. And while everyone’s eyes were on the other two Angels, all the dyke eyes were on her! 


6) From Happy Days Leather Tuscadero-Leather only had a few appearances on Happy Days, but boy oh boy did she catch our dyke attention! Reform school graduate, leather wearing, guitar toting and talented as all get out!  No wonder Joanie was ready to run away from home to be in Leather’s band!


7) Wonder Woman’s Diana Prince-Good golly miss molly! Diana was blindingly beautiful, brilliantly clever, had a heart for justice and was devoted to women! How many baby dykes fell asleep dreaming of themselves with Diana and her island of women!


8) From Prisoner Cell Block H-Franky Doyle-Frankie was the dyke of the underdog, poor background, bit of a bully, misunderstood, lacking in education and manner and in prison for doing the wrong thing in order to provide for her family. Even at her worst, we always rooted for her and even at her end we held out hope that she’d get the better of the coppers. RIP Franky!


9) SNL’s Pat-While everyone (straight people) pondered was Pat a boy or a girl, every dyke’s gaydar ding ding dinged! We KNEW Pat was one of ours! We saw Pat’s in our Lesbian bars, we saw Pat’s at our softball games and we saw Pat’s at our Pride marches! We LOVE Pat/s!


10) Nikki Wade from Bad Girls-Spunky, cocky, cute and tough. Nikki quickly caught our Lesbian attention! Railroaded for killing the man who raped her girlfriend, we watched Bad Girls earnestly hoping Nikki would get out prison and hook up with Helen, we got our wish! Rare though it is, Nikki and Helen went off into the Lesbian sunset with our blessing!


Dirt and Mrs Dirt


4 thoughts on “Lesbian Crushes-For the over 35 Crowd

  1. Great post, Dirt and Dr. Dirt. 🙂 If I may add one more to this list. As many of us around the half century mark, I had a huuuge crush on Jodi Foster. Back in 1992, my girlfriend and I at the time were partying it up at a bar in San Francisco, thought I spotted Jodi and my awkward attempt to get her attention fell flat. Flat on my face that is. Was holding a drink in one hand, shaking my booty, dancing closer and closer to HER. Naturally, after 3 shots of Crown, my maneuvers were not as gracious as intended. DOWN I went, much to the amusement of the other patrons.

    After all of those shennanigans, turned out it was not Jodi. But the woman who resembled her got a big kick out of it anyway. LOL

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