The Top Ten BEST Lesbian Films to see at Valentine’s Day NEVER Made

1). There’s Something GAY About Mary:  A cute coming of age meets coming out story!

2). When Terry Bet Callie: It began with a bet and ended in Les Romantique!

3). Tired in Tampa: Was it the Heat or her Lesbian Heart keeping her awake at night?!

4). Four Gay Weddings and a Lesbian: Will a Lesbian caterer meet her Mrs Right on the job?!

5). Two First Dates: Is the old Lesbian Adage really true?!

6). The 40 Year Old Lesbian: Too young to be put out to pasture but too old for the bar scene. Where can a single mature Lesbian meet a mate? You’ll be surprised! We were!

7). My Big Bad Bulldyke Wedding: She could fix a truck, but can she say “I do”???!!!

8). The Lesbian Wedding Singer: Will she sing at her own wedding? Only if she meets the right dyke!

9). Pretty Comfortable in Birkenstocks: If the shoe fits…!!!

10). Under a Tuscan Tongue: Lesbians gives the term tongue tied a whole new meaning!