The Top 25 Lesbian Classic Books

1)  Gone with the Lesbians: A Novel Which Captured Southern Lesbian Heat! Oh, My!


2) Dangerous Lesbiaisons: The Title Says It All!

3) To the Lezzhouse: What Happens In The Lezzhouse, Stays In The Lezzhouse!

4) Anne of Gay Stables: The Horses Had Never Seen Anything Like It!?!?!

5) The Adventures of Tomboy Sawyer: She Never Met A Softball She Didn’t Like!


6) LezbolitaYou Better Wait Until She’s Not Jailbait!

7) Les Lesbiennes: Ooh La La, Mon Chéri!!!

8) Tender is the Dyke: Stick A Fork In Her…She’s Done!

9) From Here To Sapphistry: All Aboard The Lesbian Pleasure Cruise!

10) One Flew Over MichfestShe Joined The Mile-High Club!


11) The Old Dyke and the Sea: She May Be Salty, But She’s Still Lesbolicious!

12) Lesbians in Love: Or Is It Just Lust?

13) Dykes of the Round Table: Because A Square Table Just Won’t Do!

14) Little Dykes: What They Lack In Size, They More Than Make Up For In Dykatude!

15) The Lavender Letter: She Wore It Proudly, But Where?


16) A Passage to Lesbia: A One-Way Trip To The Stars!

17) Portrait of a Lesbian as a Young Artist: She Took Finger-Painting To A W/HOLE New Level!

18) Waiting for Lesbot: You May Be Waiting For Eternity, But What The Heck?

19) Dykenstein: Yikes!

20) Wuthering Dykes: The Winds Of Passion Blow Hard!


21) The Sapphobury Tales: A Story That Will Satisfy The Taste Of The Most Finicky Dyke!

22) Alice in Lezzerland: Getting Lost Was Never So Much FUN!

23) Pippi Longfingers: Gives New Meaning To The Term “Well-Hung”!

24) The Catcher in the Outfield: Softballs Weren’t The ONLY Thing She Was Catching!

25) The Sapphist Also Rises: You Can’t Keep A Good Lezzie Down! (Unless She WANTS To Go Down!)


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