STRAIGHTBIANS in “Lesbian” Films

This short list of STRAIGHTBIANS in purported Lesbian films is a brief example of how STRAIGHTBIANS use/abuse and damage Lesbians, in film and in life. It is NOWHERE near the LONG list of STRAIGHTBIANS in film which date back to the beginning of film making.

In no particular order:






Dirt and Mrs Dirt



Homophobia Comes and Keeps Coming

Yesterday I received some disturbing info involving a slew of Twitter-ers who either “retweeted” or “Liked” a STRAIGHT privilege warped sentiment raping/abusing/using National Coming Out Day of all things.

The Tweet blatantly stated that on National Coming Out Day (a homosexual day created by homosexuals for homosexuals, encouraging closeted homosexuals to come out to show our strength in numbers and remove the heavy¬† heavy burden of life in the closet damaging our interiors) we can willy-nilly eschew homosexuality as it is merely an “identity” we can put on or take off.

The Tweet:


Checking into this further, I am furnishing gays and lesbians with a list of a fraction of the Twitter-ers who shared this sick fucking homophobic and abusive sentiment. Unfortunately many who “retweeted/liked” chose to do so anonymously:








Sicker still, one of the homophobic culprits above is also a child killer!

Not a single person above is gay or lesbian, big shock! I unfortunately was following a few of these homophobes, not anymore! To any gays or lesbians on Twitter, be aware of who you follow/who follows you. Hopefully this will give you a little better heads up of the homophobes who pretend to be “allies”.





Lesbian Lifestyles of the Not so Rich and Not so Famous

In lieu of Mrs Dirt and I repeatedly seeing it written that being a Lesbian is a “lifestyle”, we choose to highlight some of the “Lesbian Lifestyle”.

Brushing our Lesbian teeth when we get up:Image 56

Having our morning Lesbian tea:2016-04-9--16-24-12

Trying to make our Lesbian bed with one of our Lesbian cats in the way:2016-04-9--16-22-00

Doing some Lesbian laundry:Image 51

Trying to find my Lesbian chapstick in THIS-UGH:2016-04-9--16-25-14

Taking Lesbian Meds for my Lesbian Respiratory Infection:2016-04-9--16-27-11

Checking to see what our other Lesbian cat is doing:2016-04-9--16-23-09

Lesbians out having some Lesbian dinner:2016-04-9--16-20-57

Lesbians checking out their Lesbian Twitters on their Lesbian Laptops:2016-04-9--16-19-42

Watching some Lesbian tv in our Lesbian living room:2016-04-9--16-26-14

Lesbians living the lesbian lifestyle-Dirt and Mrs Dirt